3 American Questions strives to have Americans of all ages involved, even if they are not old enough to vote themselves. Take a look at the material below if you would like to learn more about how you can be a part of the 3 American Questions movement.

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We encourage all involved members of the 3 American Questions movement to get out and speak with their representatives. Go to Town Halls, City Council meetings, campaign rallies, write letters and e-mails, and make phone calls. Do all of this with the 3 American Questions symbol held high. All of these actions make it known to your candidates and representatives that you demand they answer these 3 critical questions before they will earn your vote. Our goal is to have the 3 American Questions symbol become so widely recognized that even the next President that is sworn in will have it in mind as they take the oath of office.

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3 American Questions Sign
Our Future.Our Legacy.Our Responsibility.


Our goal is to mobilize Americans of all ages to ask these 3 simple questions and expect real answers from every single candidate seeking their vote. Our plan is to show candidates and politicians the breadth and depth of support for the 3 American Questions.


In the coming election and going forward, I will only support, contribute to, or vote for candidates and political parties who take seriously and offer real, honest and practical answers to the 3 American Questions. Together, we must solve climate change, the Federal Debt, and restore public confidence in our government. The time is now for all of us to take action - it is our future, our legacy, and our responsibility.