Confidence in Government

What specific actions will you take during your campaign and your time in office, and what will you ask the American People to do to help restore the respect and confidence of the American people in their elected government?

Many Americans report that they are losing confidence in their government. They feel that party politics, campaign money, special interest groups and politicians refusing to work together have impaired our government’s ability to function as it should.

Together, we can change this.

Money in Politics
Since 2010, more than $500 Million Dollars have been spent by people who refuse to identify themselves publicly.

In this current Presidential campaign, alone, just 158 families and the companies they own or control have provided nearly half of all the contributions so far – 176 million dollars already, by just 158 families.

More than eight in ten Americans believe money has too much influence in American political campaigns.

Nearly one hundred percent of Americans believe there is a need for at least some change in campaign funding with 95% believing fundamental changes or more are needed.

Voter Participation
The generation with the most at stake in this election, the 23% of our population below 18 years old, is too young to vote.

Fewer than one out of 4 eligible citizens between 18-34 years old actually voted in the most recent Congressional election

In some parts of the country, efforts have been made to block the rights of eligible citizens to cast their ballots as they are legally entitled to do.

The practice of drawing up congressional district or legislative district boundaries to purposefully favor one candidate or party over another is called “gerrymandering”.

In a number of states, the balance of congressional seats held by one party versus another is dramatically different than the actual percentages of people favoring the different parties. In fact, in some states, even though strong majorities favor one party over the other, the party makeup of the congressional delegations are opposite the party preferences of the majority of voters in that state.

Congressional Procedures
Time and time again in recent years Congress has passed very important and lengthy laws (sometimes hundreds or even a thousand pages long) with little time for representatives to actually read the legislation they are voting on.

Contrary to tradition and fair play, bills in Congress are often being written with very little or no input at all from the minority party and sometimes with no public hearings at all before the committees that have responsibility for the issues.

So called “debates” or “discussions” in Congress have become little more than a series of prepared speeches designed to score political points rather than a serious discussion of how to make legislation that actually works for the people.

It is increasingly rare for Congress to actually get its work done on time.


Campaign Finance

Election Reform and Voter Registration


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Our Future.Our Legacy.Our Responsibility.


Our goal is to mobilize Americans of all ages to ask these 3 simple questions and expect real answers from every single candidate seeking their vote. Our plan is to show candidates and politicians the breadth and depth of support for the 3 American Questions.


In the coming election and going forward, I will only support, contribute to, or vote for candidates and political parties who take seriously and offer real, honest and practical answers to the 3 American Questions. Together, we must solve climate change, the Federal Debt, and restore public confidence in our government. The time is now for all of us to take action - it is our future, our legacy, and our responsibility.