3 American Questions is a non-partisan group of motivated citizens of all ages committed to solving the most serious questions facing our nation. Our goal is to mobilize a national, non-partisan movement demanding that all elected officials, as well as current candidates, answer the 3 American Questions:

3 American Questions will insist upon real, well thought out, and developed answers.

Our goal is to mobilize Americans of all ages to attend town halls, campaign rallies, public events, and hold up 3 fingers, making it known that the candidates and officials are being asked the questions. The message is simple:

"We insist that you honestly and realistically address these 3 questions, or we will not vote for you."

Not every candidate's answers need to be the same, nor does 3 American Questions have or endorse a specific solution. We openly encourage civil dialogue and consideration of any and all answers to solve the problems, as long as they are respectfully acknowledged and answered thoughtfully. We, the people must insist upon specific, detailed answers. We will not accept sound bites for solutions.

3 American Questions Leadership Team

Brian Baird
Brian Baird, a Democrat, represented Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District for 12 years in the United States House of Representative. In Congress, Dr. Baird was known for promoting congressional integrity, taking principled stands on difficult issues, and for his leadership on ocean acidification, science, and fiscal responsibility. He founded Three American Questions with Bob Inglis because too many politicians are not addressing the three fundamental questions that stand between a prosperous and secure future for our children. Baird is president of 4Pir2 Communication, a consulting firm focusing on public policy and science communication. He is married to Dr. Rachel Nugent and they have twin ten year old sons.

Bob Inglis
Bob Inglis, a Republican, represented Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina for 12 years in the United States House of Representatives. Through his Energy and Enterprise Initiative at Geroge Mason University and as Executive Director at republicEN.org, he has tirelessly worked for free enterprise solutions to climate change. For his work on climate change, Rep. Inglis was awarded the 2015 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage. He founded Three American Question with Brian Baird because he knows climate change, the federal debt, and trust in government are the three issues that Americans and our leaders must solve together.

Krist Novoselic
A member of the groundbreaking rock band Nirvana, Krist Novoselic, along with bandmates Kurt Cobain and David Grohl, changed the course of music history when they snapped up Billboard Magazine's number one spot with their much-acclaimed album Nevermind. In doing so, Nirvana opened the doors for a flood of a new generation of bands. After Nirvana, Novoselic went on to become one of rock's most politically-minded musicians. Krist has also committed himself to numerous different community projects and has become an influential part of the Northwest political scene.

Our Future.Our Legacy.Our Responsibility.


Our goal is to mobilize Americans of all ages to ask these 3 simple questions and expect real answers from every single candidate seeking their vote. Our plan is to show candidates and politicians the breadth and depth of support for the 3 American Questions.


In the coming election and going forward, I will only support, contribute to, or vote for candidates and political parties who take seriously and offer real, honest and practical answers to the 3 American Questions. Together, we must solve climate change, the Federal Debt, and restore public confidence in our government. The time is now for all of us to take action - it is our future, our legacy, and our responsibility.